Mohu antenna for free TV channels

The Mohu antenna is one of the favourite indoor category antenna. It is very much paper thin and also tiny when compared it with the metal antenna. The Mohu antenna can be seen just as a large sheet of paper and also it feels like thin plastic. One side of the antenna is white whereas the other side is black. They have two versions of Mohu Leaf, firstly the Mohu Leaf 30 and secondly the Mohu Leaf 50. Due to the compact and thin size of the antenna, it can be placed easily in any location indoors as well as outdoors. The Mohu Leaf 30 can pick up signals within the coverage area of 30 miles and the Mohu Leaf 50 can pick up the signals within the range of 50miles.


The design of this antenna has taken an edge over its competitors. Due to the design of the antenna, it can also go well with the interiors of the house. You can either place it high on the wall or window or even discreetly place it behind the TV. They also provide proper mounts which are the push pins when it comes to mounting the antenna on the wall. In case of placing it behind the TV, you can make use of the adhesive Velcro. When the antenna is placed at an appropriate location, it would pick up maximum number of channels and that too free of cost.

It works well due to the way it has been designed. Mostly when it comes to the traditional antenna wherein you would need to set them on top of some object, there would be a need to move around the object thus leading to changes in the placement of the antenna. When it comes to the Leaf, there is no worry about moving any furniture or object. All you would need to do is just change it from one wall to another, if you need additional channels. Ensure to rescan post the placement.

This antenna is mostly suitable for those who stay away from the urban region. For those who are nearer to the broadcasting station, can go in for the Leaf 30 whereas those who stay further away and need to pick up good signal strength can go in for the Leaf 50. It also comes along with an amplifier thus picking up additional channels. For those who reside in the city then they have the other Mohu options such as Mohu Leaf Metro that comes without an amplifier but can pick up good signal from the broadcasting tower.

The Mohu antenna when placed rightly can surely provide you with free TV channels that you can enjoy. Even the HD quality channels would not be charged additional. All you would need to do is get the right Mohu antenna and place it in the appropriate location. You would surely receive more than dozens of local channels and that too absolutely free of cost. The Mohu Leaf is pricier than the Leaf Metro but it is worth the deal.