Health News For The Cold and Flu Season.

Fighting sinus infections. Anyone having experienced sinus infections would indeed know that sinusitis symptoms could be debilitating and may upset your whole lifestyle. A stuffy nose with nasal congestion, severe headache and facial pain, continual sore throat and that too with thick mucus are only a couple of various signs indicating that something is wrong with one’s sinuses.

Sinus is an infection of the sinuses that are caused due to various factors; mostly by pathogens like bacteria, virus and fungus! It is a very common diseases and majority of people suffer from this disease across the globe. Some people suffer from acute sinus that is caused due to common cold and others suffer from acute sinus that frequently shows the systems of the sinuses and a person is prone to it at the slightest change of environment and physical surroundings.  Offices like those of the Princeton NJ ENT doctors are the ones to see when you feel the cold is progressing and getting worse

Sinuses are also called paranasal sinuses because it infects the sinus cavities that are present on the area between eyes and nose. These are air filled spaces and when there is infection mucus, puss and other types of fluid fill the spaces and cause symptoms like headache, pain in the paranasal area, eyes pain, running nose, blocked nose, irritation in the nasal passage, restlessness and other such symptoms. The accumulation of fluid or mucus in the nasal cavities are basically due to infection by the viruses, bacteria, fungus and at times they are due to stimulus to pollen grains and dust particles.Following are some useful tips for sinusitis sufferers to fight sinus infections successfully, keep in mind visiting a doctors offices like those at Becker ENT is also a good idea.

-Inhale steam – Steam inhalation is one of the simplest, easiest yet highly effective techniques to clear the clogged up sinuses. The best way to carry out this procedure is to put a big towel on your head and then lean over a pot or teapot of hot boiling water. Breathing the hot vapors would cause the mucus to become thin and subsequently get easily drained out.

-Sip hot tea – Drinking tea is extremely useful in clearing sinuses. Mucus tends to become thinner and easy to drain when you breathe into hot steam. Chamomile and peppermint teas are considered therapeutic during sinus infections.

Princeton NJ ENT

Princeton NJ ENT

-Hot towel compress – Damp a small towel using hot water, place it on your face and compress with a slight pressure particularly on the area around the nose. This simple technique would help you get relieved of the throbbing sinus pressure.

-Nasal irrigation/ sinus irrigation – Irrigating the sinuses minimizes discomfort and reduces inflammation of mucus membrane. The procedure involves flushing a solution of sea salt and lukewarm water through the sinus pathways in order to clean the bacteria and excess mucus caused during sinus infections. The neti pots required for nasal irrigation are easily available at grocery stores and medical stores. Even if you don’t find these products in the market you can use plastic syringes in their place. The procedure would remain the same.

-Herbal supplements – Intake of supplements having Echinacea helps in strengthening the immunity system of your body, thereby enabling you to combat sinus infections. Also, garlic is known as one of the best herbal antibiotics and can provide sinusitis sufferers with some miraculous outcomes.

Multivitamins – Poor health condition is one of the several causes for sinus infections. There are many dietary supplements available in the health stores which can offer the patient all essential vitamins and minerals that are missing from daily meals.

Majority of the cases concerning sinus infections worsen because of ineffective sinus treatment.




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