The 12 Best TV Antennas to Buy in 2019

With sky-rocketing cable prices and poor customer service, it is time now to cut the cord and go for a TV antenna that would get you all of your daily dose of entertainment. Below we have listed 12 best antenna picks which can be purchased this year.

BoostWaves Razor Indoor antenna: This antenna has a coverage range of 25miles. It is a flat leaf indoor HDTV antenna that is suitable for your budget as well. It comes along with a PureVertex technology wherein they claim to eliminate any of the interfering signals that comes from other appliances or cell towers. It is an omnidirectional antenna hence you would not be wasting time in adjusting the placement of the antenna.

Mohu Leaf 30 Flat Indoor antenna: One of the most popular and simple indoor antenna. It covers a range of 30miles. This HDTV antenna is reversible and it can also be painted both ways. Thus you can customize it to match the décor of your house. This antenna can be placed discreetly and it is also multi-directional. You are sure to receive crisp and crystal clear local channels.

Vansky TV antenna: This is an outdoor TV antenna that can cover a range of 150miles. It also has a 360 degree motorized rotation that can be operated with a wireless remote. You are sure to receive 1080p HD quality display. It is also weather resistant. This antenna comes along with a 33feet coaxial cable.

Channel Master CM-2020: This is an outdoor antenna which is quite easy to assemble. It can cover a range of 100miles and get you all of the local channels with crystal clear picture quality.

Supersonic SC-603:  For those of you who are located in the rural areas and also have lot of signal interference can go in for the Supersonic outdoor antenna. It is a rotating antenna that claims to provide best reception. It covers a stunning range of 120miles and also be used for two TV units at a time. You also get a wireless remote for adjusting the antenna rotation.

Clearstream Eclipse: This antenna covers a range of 35miles and comes along with a 12foot long detachable cable. The design is amazing with both white and black side. It is lightweight and also easier to remove and clean. However, it does not come along with an amplifier.

RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi: This is one of the simplest outdoor antenna that covers a range of 70miles. This antenna is weather resistant. It provides a decent reception when placed in an attic. The signal strength is highly dependent on where exactly you place the antenna.

Digiwave Panel UHF TV antenna: This antenna can cover up to 70 miles and is priced below $25. This antenna is very much compatible with any TV unit or DVR. It can pick up both UHF as well as HD signals and provide a clear reception. Most of the components are pre-assembled thus making the installation easier for you.

Mohu Mini Flat: This is the best antenna for those who travel quite frequently. It is flexible and compact covering a range of 25miles. You are sure to receive 1080p HD quality display. This is also a reversible antenna.

1byone digital amplified outdoor antenna: You are sure to receive a reception for up to a range of 85miles. It comes with a one-year warranty period. This antenna includes a mounting pole and you can also access 4K quality.

Antennas Direct DB8E: The reception of this antenna is just the best, similar to its looks. Though it is a large and heavy antenna but it has been designed cleverly so as to also receive weak signals. There are a two antenna arrays.

Winegard Elite 7550: This antenna can pick up higher number of signals when compared to its competitors. It also comes along with a built-in amplifier. This antenna can be placed in the attic or on the roof. It is suitable for UHF as well as VHF frequency band.