To Watch Free TV, You Need a Digital Antenna

Are you aware that you can receive more than dozens of TV channels absolutely free of cost without the need for paying any monthly subscriptions? Yes, it is true that you can access all of your favourite channels in good quality picture by just plugging in a simple over-the-air digital antenna. There are millions of households in the U.S which are making use of the antenna. More than hundreds of people are cutting the cord and switching to the antenna for getting the local channels free of cost. It has been said that more 90% of the watched shows basically are available in the 1080p high definition format. There is no additional charge for watching shows in HD format. All it needs is installation of the antenna and you are good to go.

Basically there are numerous major broadcasting channels such as CBS, ABC, CW, PBS, Fox and so on which are available just with the antenna. All you would need to pay is the price for purchasing the antenna. The setup for a digital antenna is nothing rocket science. With the advancement in technology, there has been a lot of improvement in the TV antennas as well. Thus making it easier for purchase as well as installation. Whether you opt for an indoor antenna or an outdoor one, you have all the specifications mentioned with the pack itself thus making your life easier.

Before purchasing the digital antenna, it would be recommended to visit sites such as, or FCC wherein you would get information regarding the availability of channels in your area, how strong are the signal strength, how many broadcasting towers are available in your area, which direction and what is their distance and also what type of antenna would be recommended for you. All of this information makes it simpler for you to purchase the right digital antenna. Note that based on your area and the signal strength, you would get the broadcasting channels. If your antenna can pick up good signal strength, then you would be able to watch the popular national TV networks in addition to the local shows as well without the need for paying anything additional. You can receive local weather report, news channels, kids show, cookery, sports and so on at no monthly subscription charge.

Let us have a look at few of the top favourite shows available on these major broadcasting networks:

ABC: Castle, Gilmore Girls, Americas Funniest Videos, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, NBA, Scandal and so on.

NBC: The Biggest Loser, Golf, America’s Got Talent, U.S Women’s Open, NFL, Last Comic Standing, PGA Tour, who wants to be a Millionaire.

CBS: The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Evening News, Criminal Minds, CSI, How I Met your Mother, NCIS, Survivor, Two and a Half Men, NFL, Wheel of Fortune and all the local news and weather report.

Fox: American Idol, Glee, NFL, The Simpsons, Dads, The X Factor, Hell’s Kitchen, Junior MasterChef, MLB on Fox.

Surely this is a great deal for someone to ditch the cable network and opt for digital antenna so that they can start viewing all of these shows and many more absolutely free of cost.