TV Antennas Make a Surprise Comeback

The old is coming back again and it is surely has been a surprise yet amazing comeback. Yes, you heard right. The tried and tested TV antennas are making a gradual comeback. These antennas are minus all those bunny ears but with some enhanced technological features. With the cable and satellite television dominating most of the households, the TV antennas were lost and people had forgotten about its benefits. But with its enhanced features and most importantly the ability to provide free television to the audience has bought it back to the limelight again.

Since the year 2013, there has been a jump from 9 percent to 15 percent in the number of people who are making use of TV antennas. It is surely a significant jump and this upward trend is taking on over the nation. The online streaming service has also gained a momentum wherein Netflix has alone more than 140 million subscribers. Even though people are turning towards these online streaming options and devices, the TV antennas has also simultaneously gained momentum. Why to bother paying a huge sum for the cable when all you can do is get a good online streaming service package along with the TV antenna for watching your local channels. It surely makes a lot of sense for the viewers since ultimately you would be paying only for those content which you watch.

The technology of the TV antennas has seen a huge development. In the year 2009, the stations shifted from analog to the HD digital transmission which was mandatory as per the government. This led to dramatic improvements in the quality of the signal that is being delivered to the customer. Talking about the antennas themselves has seen a lot of improvement wherein manufacturers are coming up lightweight and compact looking antennas so that it can suit the interiors or the exterior of the consumer. The antennas offer a lot of features and it also allows the viewers to record as per DVR style.

The millennials are still addicted to the online streaming content whereas TV antennas are something that is being taken by the 50 plus audience. TV antennas have certain advantages as well as disadvantages hence people are still apprehensive about going in for one. But surely as per the previous decade, the antennas are making in for a surprise comeback. Why would it hurt anyone when they are receiving over-the-air HD like quality channels on their TV screen. All this absolutely free of cost. The better the signal picking strength of the antenna, the more number of channels you can expect to receive. You are sure to receive local channels such as ABC, PBS, Fox, CW and NBC. This is all a one-time investment wherein you only need to pay the price of the antenna. Rest all is free of cost. There are so many websites such as FCC, which offer details to its consumers on which channels are available in their area, the signal strength and the type of antenna to go in for. This makes the task easier for the consumers when it comes to selection of the antenna.

Hence why wouldn’t anyone go in for the antenna with its huge benefits.  While the antenna is seen as a blast from the past, it surely has paved its way to the coming future as well.